Kwandwe Private Game Reserve

Need help? Follow our step-by-step tutorial for the simplest way to create your Guest Signature product.
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Step 1

Click on ‘My Account’ located at the top-right hand corner of the site. To create your product account, fill in your email address and your password then click ‘Register’. A registration mail confirming your username and password should appear in your inbox (check your junk mail folder if it doesn’t appear within a few minutes), but you will be logged into your account automatically after you click the ‘Register’ button.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Products’ tab in the navigation menu bar and select from one of the product showcased on the product page. Wait for the product template editor to open up.

Step 3

There are two ways of adding your photos to the image tray below the product template:
*‘Add Images’ button - You will only see this button if you have a browser that is up-do-date. This image uploader works quickly, but the catch is that your photos will not remain uploaded into the tray if you exit the template (even if you save before exiting). Use this button if you know you’re going to finish populating your template in one go.
*‘Add to Gallery’ button - this image uploader will be visible across all browsers regardless of how old they are. If you use this uploader, your images will load at a slower rate, but they will remain in your template tray as an image gallery after you save and exit the software. Use this button if you are not able to finish populating your template in one go. If you leave the template and return at a later time, you just have to activate the gallery again by clicking the 'Add to Gallery' button and uploading a new 'mock image'. This will call up your entire gallery of images that you saved in your template tray up until that point. After selecting one of the above image uploaders, a pop-up window will appear. Select the ‘Choose files’ or 'Browse' button to select and upload your photos from your computer/device.

HANDY HINT: To replace or change a photo, simply drag and drop another photo onto the picture box.

Step 4

Add your photos to the template by dragging them from the bottom tray onto the picture boxes provided. You may also make use of the ‘Autofill’ feature in order to automatically populate your photo product. However, when using the ‘Autofill’ option, be sure to wait until the blue upload bar that appears on each photo has disappeared before clicking on or browsing through your template, or before clicking the 'Order' button.

HANDY HINT: You can change the number of images you have on a page by choosing a different page layout option from the 'Page Layouts' tab on top of your bottom tray. Simply drag and drop a preferred layout onto the existing one and fill in any empty placeholders with another image.

Step 5

When you see editable text on a signboard or in a speech bubble, you will need to double click on it in order to select it and change the text according to the instructions given.

HANDY HINT: If you click the ‘Order’ button in your template, but the order is not followed through to payment, your product will be saved automatically. You can find it in the ‘My Account’ section of the website. If you have more than one product saved in your account, it is also a good idea to use the project title bar beside each product to name them in order to avoid confusion over which product is which.

Step 6

Once you are happy with the layout of your product you may then click the ‘Save’ or ‘Order’ button on the bottom-right hand side of the screen. If you wish to come back and populate your product with more images at a later stage, you should click the ‘Save’ button. Your product will be saved in the ‘My Account’ section of the website for you to edit at your convenience. When you’re ready to order your photo product, click the ‘Order’ button from your template editor or click the ‘Add to Cart’ icon from your account page and follow the prompts to proceed to the ‘My Order’ page.

Step 7

The ‘My Order’ page is the final page you pass through before you reach the payment gateway. At this stage, please ensure that all of your order and address details are correct and most importantly, ensure that you have selected your preferred shipping method from the drop-down list. Once you pass through the payment gateway and pay for your product, your order will be processed.